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About ATL

ATL Renting is a 100% Belgian family business specialising in the long-term rental of trucks, trailers and chassis.

Expertise since 1997

Since 1997, ATL Renting has focused fully on the efficient mobility of our customers. Our family company has come a long way since then, both nationally and internationally. The result is a load of expertise. Our employees enthusiastically leverage this expertise every day for the benefit of our customers.

What is the best configuration of your truck with semi-trailer? How much loading volume do you need? How can you optimise express transport? What is the most favourable rental or purchase hire formula for you from a financial and fiscal perspective? Thanks to our knowledge and functional vehicles and equipment, you get from A to B every day in a smart, safe and sustainable way, leaving the competition miles behind.

Flexibility in mobility

The landscape of our mobility is constantly changing. So, the foundation of our approach is always flexibility. Not only when you purchase a new vehicle, ensuring that you push off from the starting blocks with a sprint, but also on the road. Do you see opportunities? Do you face challenges? Let us know. We’ll guide you towards the most suitable solution.

But our commitment to you goes much further. We also keep you fully up to date on important trends, such as smaller, faster and more frequent deliveries resulting from a shift in buying behaviour and inventory management, as well as smart possibilities thanks to technological innovations, intensive connectivity, sustainable transport solutions and software that optimises your available space, load capacity and route. Don’t consider us your supplier, but a full-fledged partner that flexibly adapts to your needs.

Family-driven, client-driven

We’re a family business. And you can expect a warm family feeling in everything we do. Our employees are proud of their job. That not only makes us incredibly strong as a team, but also ensures that we genuinely understand your business. When you sign a contract with us, we look beyond the financial figures; we also consider the people behind the company and business plan. That’s how we really make a difference.

Driving you interests. That's what drives us. Day after day.

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